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Staff of the company is our most valuable resource! We are looking for purposeful and active employees "greedy" for knowledge and gaining experience, persons interested in working much and earn much! Besides, we interview applicants without experience, the main thing is desire to study and develop!

We guarantee you professional growth and also career development. All our current chiefs grew up from "regular" lawyers. We prefer "to cultivate" heads, not looking for them from outside.

Staff of the company closely interacts both with each other, and with the management. To communicate openly and equally, always express the opinion and to be heard! - The founder of LLC Media NN sets such task for staff.

Relevant vacancies:

• Secret buyer.

If you are interest in a vacancy, fill in a feedback form in the section Contacts and we will send you duties and requirements for candidates.

Your summary will be considered within 10 working days.

In case of positive consideration and relevance of a vacancy, we will get in touch with you to an interview.