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We do what we are able to do best of all!

You are the owner. You wrote music, create works of art, science and literature, audiovisual works, industrial samples, useful models, computer programs and applications, means of individualization of goods and services. But it often happens that the result of your intellectual work is used by strangers.

Your rights for intellectual property items are violated. What to do?

We know!

The team of Media-NN LLC has worked in the market of legal services for thirteen years. Our clients are prominent Russian and international owners.

Protection of the intellectual rights is one of the most difficult and demanded services in our legal practice. However, difficult – does not mean, impossible! We help even in cases when others refuse.

Do you need high-quality legal support! Our team will hold all complex of events to protect your rights.

Professional legal aid is a guarantee of your tranquility and success! Moreover, it is the important tool in the solution of business matters.


Also he brilliantly counts the results of events like Anatoly Karpov the courses on a chessboard. He is convinced that there are no trifles in work. Not always strict, but always fair. Dmitry is the main strategist and ideological inspirer.                                



Dmitry Onuchin


Guy Julius Caesar of our time. He has talks, reads letters and answers questions at the same time. He likes his job so much, he forgets to go home sometimes. Only the battery works longer than he.

Executive director

Georgy Davidian

The most positive and sociable person in our team. A brilliant diplomat, an easy person to deal with. Stands up for world peace. She is looking for new ways for development and growth of the company.

Director of development and marketing

Elena Myagkova

“The most sensitive and attentive head!“ remake her subordinates. Yes, her frail shoulders carry the whole department of lawyers. She clicks as nuts tricky legal issues.

The head of legal department

Nataliya Skotnikova