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We have represented the interests of LLC Studio of Animation Cinema Melnitsa owner for more than 6 years. We have filed a lawsuit in Zeltsovsky district court of Novosibirsk this time. The journalist of the teleproject which is named «Precedent» was interested in our activity and main objectives.

“How can the average consumer distinguish legal products from illegal?“ the TV reporter sounded his main question.

“They should pay attention to labels of goods,“ Georgy advised. “Information placed with them contains: name of the manufacturer and importer, place of their stay, information about the owner, date of production, service life, minimum age of the child.“

Staff of LLC Media NN is always ready to clear up understanding of a question of copyright, lawful use of trademarks any other questions concerning protection and use of intellectual property items.

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 Interview for the Novosibirsk teleproject which is named «Precedent»

In 2017 was established the fact of selling 403 copies of counterfeit CD and DVD discs with works by such owners as: JSC United Music Group, LLC Toi-Mark, LLC Misteriya Zvuka, LLC Studio of Animation Cinema Melnitsa.

The lawsuit was considered in Shakhunsky court of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. The regular lawyer of LLC Media NN represented the interests of the owners who have been listed above.

As a result, the legal claim was satisfied. The judge made the decision on collecting compensation for violation of exclusive copyright and related rights in favor of owners of 5.51 million rubles.

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 Lawsuit №2-115/2019 17th March 2019

We work in all over Russia area that's why the Novgorod region did not became an exception. We found more than 70 offence of intellectual rights in Veliky Novgorod and its area in the summer 2018. We will not be tired to repeat,we stand for safe toys for our children!

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The Novgorod`s TV spoke about effective activity of Media-NN LLC
Special report on TV channel which is named the Moscow 24

The reporter who works for this channel invited our colleagues Georgy Davidian as the expert in the Toy Wars program. They visited warehouse of life-size puppets which is situated in Moscow and has lots of animation suits for popular cartoon`s heroes.

As we know, children are the most grateful viewer. Moreover, parents don`t start a fight

on a Birthday of their lovely children. That`s why the owners of life-size puppets are not afraid to offer counterfeit and low-quality goods.

“Life-size puppets are badly sewed, part of them is fragmentary, asymmetric, and some are not like the prototypes at all!“ Georgy drew the conclusion.

Undoubtedly, the Birthday with participation of similar life-size puppets will be memorable it will be difficult for children to forget such animation freaks. But, unfortunately, children's holiday won't be really magic.

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